Leading Estates of the World | The Estates Network

Founded in 1969, Leading Estates of the World is the original publication dedicated to showcasing preeminent residential estate properties. LE features a curated selection of the world’s most extraordinary historic castles, villas, estates, seaside mansions, palaces, penthouses, and private islands. Leading Estates of the World is the quintessential presentation of architecture and interior design—gardens, pools, equestrian facilities…a seemingly endless list of sophisticated lifestyle amenities—selected to showcase the best of the best to our discerning readers. 

The world’s first and foremost wish book!

Robert and Pamela Kelsey published their first luxury real estate magazine in 1969, and developed what became the preeminent group of professional real estate brokers specializing in the marketing and sale of the world’s most extraordinary estates, The Estates Network, and its flagship magazine, Leading Estates of the World. This international marketing forum is devoted to estate life at its best, as it presents the world’s newest and greatest estate offerings to an extremely discerning and sophisticated clientele.  As is proclaimed and repeated with each issue published, “For those with the means, indulge yourself; for those with the dreams, enjoy yourself.”