Hestia Tobacco

From seed to smoke, it’s time you met an honest tobacco company. Hestia Tobacco is a boutique tobacco company that launched its first product, a natural tobacco small cigar, in April 2013 (no longer in production).  After 10 years of application and permit review by the FDA, Hestia Tobacco finally achieved compliance and in early 2023 launched its first cigarette products, Hesper Form – the original, bold and full – and Stone Form – a bit mellower with a perforated filter. Targeting 20 million US smokers between the ages of 18-35, Hestia Tobacco offers only extraordinary wholly natural tobacco products. Holding its products to the standards of the finest cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco, Hestia Tobacco creates products that are tailored to a “turnkey market.” Hestia is American farmer grown since 2010, and we continue to work with these farmers to focus on growing the best tobacco on planet Earth. You will not smoke a finer tobacco product!  


Silicon Valley Business Journal Article