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WEBSTER CONSULTS (formerly SYNTHESIS REALTY GROUP, founded in 2000) adds value to new and existing projects from the earliest stages of design and development by conceiving and executing market-driven development, financing, marketing, and sales strategies to maximize their financial potential.  We can work in a limited, advisory capacity and/or take a hands-on role in guiding a project from conceptualization through development to completion.  We include among our past and present clients hoteliers, such as Amanresorts and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, investors such as the Guggenheim and Forbes families, leading executives and entrepreneurs such as Stanley Marcus, John Marion, Stephen Wolf, Fran Mullin, Craig McCaw, and some of the real estate industry’s most successful developers and their developments including the Lyle Anderson Company and Discovery Land Company, and the many phenomenal communities they have envisioned and created, among others.  In 2003, Chris Webster was invited by founder, Matt Shanaberger, to become a managing partner and director of SYNTHESIS.  Subsequently, SYNTHESIS was absorbed and incorporated into the longer established WEBSTER ESTATES with its analysis and consulting departments augmenting ongoing activities therein.  Continuing to draw from and utilize an intelligence pool resulting from four plus decades of  developing and nurturing such an extraordinary contact database of amazing and highly accomplished professionals, WEBSTER CONSULTS continues to advise successful developers, investors, and institutions as they envision and create extraordinary residential and resort communities.


WEBSTER ESTATES | WEBSTER CONSULTS provides advisory, marketing, and sales services for ultra-luxury resort, residential, and club developments worldwide by bringing together in a single team highly experienced development advisors, project marketers, strategic partners and international sales channels to take major projects from concept to closing.


WEBSTER ESTATES | WEBSTER CONSULTS leverages its global relationships with luxury real estate brokers and brokerages, developers, HNW clients, wealth advisors and other conduits to other high net worth individuals to provide unparalleled outreach for international properties and communities.  Our vertical integration also includes ownership and directorship of Leading Estates of the World and The Estates Network, bringing additional elements of the real estate industry’s leading independent luxury brokers, brokerages, and developers to our side, thereby allowing WEBSTER ESTATES to bring its projects even more precisely and directly into every major market in North America, Europe, and elsewhere.

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WEBSTER ESTATES | WEBSTER CONSULTS and distinguished colleagues with numerous skill sets from various disciplines of the real estate and development industries have decades of experience traveling to, envisioning, positioning, marketing, and selling more than $9 Billion in real estate in over 60 premier communities (see list of projects below), and have worked throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. WEBSTER ESTATES | WEBSTER CONSULTS focuses only on best-of-class, ultra-premium projects.

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Applicable to any size project and originally created to aid developers’ thorough understanding of the entire development process, the Development Flow Chart, provides an overview of the necessary chronological sequencing – from pre-development to development to marketing and finally to sales –  thereby emphasizing the proper order and sequence without jumping ahead, as many developers tend to do or wish to do.  Within each column and bucket therein there are many additional proprietary elements articulating with specificity the precise action necessary to achieve the desired results.  From its research, relationships and resources, the resulting gathered intelligence allows WEBSTER ESTATES | WEBSTER CONSULTS to provide information to each developer client aiding and enlightening the path and heightening the prospect of a successful venture and outcome.