WEBSTER ESTATES continues to lead by example in representing buyers and sellers in important real estate transactions in key global marketplaces, as it has since the mid-1970s.  Chris Webster is a licensed real estate broker in New Mexico, Hawai’i, and North Carolina and has participated in and completed nine advanced courses and disciplines within the real estate and appraisal industries.  Long term as well as more recent colleagues add tremendously to the WEBSTER ESTATES team and its outreach locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.  The most important word in real estate other than location – sold. 

“As a professional real estate broker, my most important responsibility, as well as opportunity, is to assist and deliver the necessary and relevant services to the parties to a transaction in making the most intelligent decisions, based upon elements I will provide, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • superior insights into transaction brokerage requirements
  • superior intellectual, transactional, and human resources
  • superior market knowledge incorporating both current conditions and past occurrences
  • superior communication and negotiation skills
  • legendary performance in closing the deal

The opportunity for me to be of service and fulfill one’s dreams and/or satisfy one’s goals – for today and tomorrow – continues to provide extraordinary inspiration, challenge, and reward to all.”

                                          – Chris Webster