Las Campanas Santa Fe, New Mexico

Las Campanas Master Plan
Chris Webster
and WEBSTER ESTATES have had multiple involvements in the history of Las Campanas Santa Fe beginning with the land acquisition of approximately 4600 acres, part of the former Weil family ranch, by the Lyle Anderson Company of Scottsdale, Arizona.   Acquired from Meadows Resources, the venture capital arm of the Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM), and Kidder Peabody in 1985, Las Campanas Santa Fe was immediately envisioned to become not only Santa Fe’s, but the Southwest’s, leading private luxury residential master planned community.  From the outset, intelligence, assistance, experience, and relationships from WEBSTER ESTATES produced Santa Fe familiarity, personal introductions, market analyses, design and development recommendations, marketing and sales services, etc. for the Anderson Company and Las Campanas.  In 1998, at the time Christopher Webster Real Estate was purchased by Sotheby’s Holdings, Lyle Anderson publicly recognized, thanked and applauded Chris Webster and his company “for having sold more Las Campanas properties (186) than anyone else by a margin of 2 to 1” at a Las Campanas hosted event in the newly opened Museum of Indian Arts and Culture (MIAC) on Museum Hill in Santa Fe.

WEBSTER ESTATES advised and led many of the headline stories emanating from Las Campanas Santa Fe since inception with respect to everything from land planning to marketing and sales up to and including the most recent transfer of ownership and leadership from Lloyds Banking Group TSB in London to Cienda Partners, a Texas-based investment fund introduced to the acquisition opportunity by WEBSTER ESTATES.

Las Campanas - Jack Nicklaus Sunrise Golf Course4th Hole of the Signature Jack Nicklaus Sunrise Golf Course

Las Campanas - The Hacienda ClubhouseThe Hacienda Club House (North Elevation)

Las Campanas 18th HolesParallel 18th Holes of Signature Jack Nicklaus Sunrise and Sunset Golf Courses

Las Campanas Equestrian CenterThe Equestrian Center