Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company

The Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company was founded in 1982 in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has seen the popularity of its 100% natural tobacco and cigarette products, Natural American Spirit, increase in popularity ever since.  Chris Webster and WEBSTER VENTURES played numerous strategic roles in co-founding the company by orchestrating the original incorporation of the company, raising the investment capital necessary for operations until profitable cash flow was realized, and directing company business by serving as a Director on the company’s Board of Directors as well as SFNTC’s Vice President, positions held from inception throughout the initial 20 year period of operations and growth of the company. Chris Webster was also a founder and a founding director of the company’s philanthropic foundation established in 1995 aiding numerous deserving causes of indigenous peoples and cultures of the Americas.  RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company (RJR) acquired this dynamic company in 2002 and continues to grow the company with similar operational philosophy as originally created by the founders.