Rancho del Oso Pardo offers one the opportunity to own a fractional security ownership interest in an extraordinary 18,317 acre ranch in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.  Many describe Rancho del Oso Pardo as the most beautiful land not in the public domain. With 10 miles of the Rio Chama and 11 alpine lakes, fishing, hunting, hiking, horseback riding, and wildlife experiences are the finest available in the Rocky Mountains. Internally managed and maintained, Rancho del Oso Pardo is home to an annual elk migration, and provides sweeping meadows, timbered trails, and high-altitude vistas, all of which offer one solitude and enchantment unparalleled and unsurpassed anywhere else.

Governance:  Rancho del Oso Pardo is an “S” corporation formed in 1983 for the enjoyment of a small group of individuals and their families from across the country.  Ownership is held on a per unit basis comprised of 50 shares of stock.  An individual shareholder, most of whom have been owners for over a decade or longer, holds each unit, and is entitled to one vote per unit.  Several Shareholders hold multiple units.  The ranch is governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of three Shareholders, and elected annually by the Shareholders as are various ranch-operating committees.

Usage:  The ranch is available for the quiet enjoyment of Shareholders, friends and family.  Visitation is possible year round although ranch access is somewhat limited during the winter months but include snowshoeing and cross country skiing.  Throughout the year, any and all Shareholder visits, lodging and activities on the ranch are governed by a Shareholder-approved set of “Shareholder Usage Rules and Policies”.  Such rules and policies are administered year-round by the professional, long-term senior ranch managers who work and reside on the ranch.  Usage is most active and steady from June to October with September and October being prime hunting season.

Lodging:  Lodging at Rancho del Oso Pardo is beautiful and comfortable and is solely available for Shareholder use.  Rancho del Oso Pardo does not operate as a “guest ranch” and usage policies do not permit large groups or business activities of any kind.  Individual Shareholders must make a reservation in keeping with the policies to stay overnight or visit the ranch.  Over the years, Rancho del Oso Pardo has built three large, rustically furnished cabins to accommodate Shareholder usage – The Lodge, Hillside, and most recently, Rivercamp.  Lobo Cabin and Stateside Camp offer further opportunities for overnight stays.

Activities:  Daily activities are blissfully unstructured and solely the decision of the visiting Shareholders.  The Shareholders, comprised of individual families from various and diverse parts of the US, have come together with Rancho del Oso Pardo as a group of deeply committed, generational stewards of this pristine, magnificent track of wilderness.  Quiet, private, collegial enjoyment and care over  the years has allowed for a treasure trove of enjoyment, memories, and communion with nature, family, and friends.

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